Monday, June 23, 2014

Christmas tree

Morning all. Thanks to everyone for stopping. A little rant and then on to better days.

As many of you know I started a journey of non smoking about 95 days ago. I also quit a very good job to take care of my Mother-in-law when she had her stroke. That was 4 years ago. The reason I have not updated in a few days is the fact that she lives in our house and told me that I needed to leave and that her family came before me...other words, I am not considered family by her. (Not the first time that she has intentionally hurt me). This all because my sister-in-law decided to work instead of being here with my dogs while I took her mom to the doctor and then lied to me about it. She volunteered and said it was her week to work that day. They seem to think that my non smoking is the problem! With that being said, I did not give in and start smoking again. I actually think that it made me stronger on quitting. My hubby is not happy with his mom at all right now. I talked him down and not to make her leave because it is the only mother he has and no matter what he would regret it when she passes. I am a big girl and can handle this.

On a high note, tomorrow is my 19th wedding anniversary. He is my soul mate. We actually really finish each others sentences and think so much alike that it is scary. I love him with all of my heart. We are going to our favorite Italian restaurant and enjoy a night of just us. We have very few of those.

I played with a starter kit from Silhouette for the double sided adhesive. I cute the tree out and used the green flocking on it. I think I have a new like! I then printed the sentiment and cut it out. I applied it to the embossed topper with pop up dots.

Now I get to have fun and catch up on all your blogs to see the wonderful things I have missed. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Oh i know what it is like, but you should be sooooo proud of yourself that you didn't smoke, that is amazing, well done :)
    A very beautiful card as always :) and Happy Anniversary for tomorrow xxx

  2. Beautiful creation and lovely colours used...goodnight from Australia...♥aNNie
    The Journey is the Start

  3. You should be so proud of yourself for not smokeing when family stresses built up. It must be so hard, but it's great to see the number of days build up with you from post to post.

    I love your Christmas card. It looks very elegant.

    Hope you have a wonderful aniversary night out.

  4. A gorgeous card Stephanie. The Christmas tree looks wonderful and I love the embossed background.
    Well done on being the bigger person with your Mother in Law x

  5. This is gorgeous Stephanie. A really elegant card. Well done on not giving in and smoking again. It can be difficult but you should be proud. Have a wonderful anniversary too.

  6. Hi Stephanie your card is just beautiful! I hope you have a lovely wedding anniversary I'm
    Sorry to hear what your going through that's so unfair on you :( I hope things get better
    Vic x

  7. Ah bless Stephanie hun sending hugs - don t let it get u down xxx Beautiful card hugs Judith xxx

  8. Sorry I haven't visited for a while but my computer keeps saying error blog not found -sorry to hear what you are going through-been there done that with my MIL -do hope lthings get better for you and hope you enjoyed your Anniversay meal-belated best wishes to you both,and congratulations on not giving in to smoke
    Carol x


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