Sunday, April 6, 2014


I have to share. With my quitting the smoking, you would think that I am the one that would be edgy. No...my dear hubby is. We went shopping today at a national chain store and it was a little crowded. When we were ready to leave we were greeted by a cashier who told us to go down two lines and it would not be a shorter wait to check out. We did and to our luck a lady was arguing with the cashier over a raincheck she could not issue and it was worth 50 cents. After about 5 minutes, the granddaughter (about 10 years old) starting screaming at the cashier that she does not want to make her cry because she cries really loud. I could tell that he was getting irritated and then just increased it. Finally she started putting her stuff in her cart to leave and realized that she had not paid for her bread. I told the cashier that I wanted to pay for. The lady finally agreed and thanked me. I told her I hoped it made her day better and to enjoy the beautiful weather with her grandchild. As we left my dear sweet hubby said very loudly, "Oh my gosh, she is now screaming at the service desk". I really tried to make her day better but I guess she just wanted her say. Hubby told me he would not go grocery shopping with me on a Saturday ever again!

Okay, now that is over, here is the card I made when I got home. I got my teabag folding paper out and decided on this card. I bought the cute button is a pack of 4 for $1.00. When I was looking for a sentiment I thought of that poor lady at Meijer's day. Too bad I can't send this to her.

Hope everyone has a safe and blessed Sunday!