Monday, April 28, 2014

Recipe scrapped

Morning all. I had a very busy weekend with hubby trying to get some stuff done outside and did not have time to update or even check the blogs. It is raining here so I have all day!!! I can catch up. I did have a blog saved that I wanted to case because she had a really cool idea. Scrapping her favorite recipes! I had to try it now I think I will be busy because it turned out so cute. Her site is Bugbites411 located at  http://bugbites411.blogspot.com/p/food-fare.html. She has some cool recipes also.

For those of you following my no smoking campaign...Today starts my 42nd day! I made it through the birthday party at the bar Friday where they do allow smoking and actually left early because it was pretty thick. My husband was even proud that I did not like the smell. Thanks again for all your wonderful encouragement and support!