Thursday, April 17, 2014

Heart medicine box

Morning all. Today is day 31 of no smoking. I have tried numerous times in the past to quit but the devil always threw in a stresser that made me pick them back up. This time I am using Chantix and have to say even with a friend passing, my brother's illness and a few other little things, I have stuck it out. My problem: I hate taking any kind of medication. I always forget to take it and then I forget if I did. This time when the problem started I decided to make this box. I put 2 pills in each compartment. I take one in the morning and one at night. This way I can look to see if I did take it and not overdose myself...lol.  I used Lori Whitlock's box in the Silhouette store for the basic box and then added the dividers. It looked a little plain to me so I added the ribbon and quilled flowers. Still looks as if it could use something else. I added a flower as the drawer opener and some gems to the drawer. Hope all is going well for everyone else. I only have one more month of the pills so I am looking forward to that and then I can use this for something in my craft room.

Have a safe day.