Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ready to be home

My son did not get his card from me and I could have hand delivered it. I mailed it in March. Another friend out of the states still has not received a package I sent her. Unfortunately, I did not get a tracking number on that shipment so I have no clue who got her card and special surprise. Now I know why!!! The mail carrier actually was in Pittsburgh but I am sure ours here are just as bad. I have found min in the ditch before. I never have my bills delivered to my home address. This mail carrier actually through it in a trash can.

This is the card I made for Kate that she never received. So sorry Kate. I am going to make a new one and try it again!

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  1. Beautiful card, we have problems with our mail too here in the UK.
    Linda xxx

  2. The thought was there Stephanie - and it was a lovely thought - the card looks beautiful too!
    Take care

  3. This is such a beautiful card and a shame it never arrived x

  4. HAPPY card and a pity it never was received. Same happens here but at the Mail Exchange in Sydney mail is stolen...x

  5. this is so beautiful Stephanie.

    gr karin

  6. Gorgeous card Stephanie hun and so sad it got lost - I had one lost 12 months ago for a very special little girl - just could not believe it hugs Judith x

  7. Really beautiful card Stephanie....so sad it got lost :( x

  8. Aw what a shame it was lost it truly is a lovely card.xx

  9. Such a shame this beautiful card was lost in the post....good luck with the next one xx

  10. Beautiful card love the embossing such a shame it was lost,I have a SIL we see every Sat but had to post the card off during the week as left it till last minute she lives in Hull too and received the card three months late!!!
    Carol x


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